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The “WFH tiny GANG” creative project series was inspired by the new way of living of New Yorkers and the people who suffer from the Coronavirus, due to the continuous spread in the US.


People starting to change their way of living caused by order of “stay at home” from the government. They are trying to release stress and find some comfort in the virtual world. So they spend more time on online shopping, meeting friends and family by video call or playing an online game together. Trying to pretend we are still in the same world before the pandemic occurs. Some people use this time as a chance to read more books, watching more movies, or even spending time on the things that they usually don’t have time to do. Such as learning a new skill or online courses. Some may be suffering from an emotional breakdown cause they can’t bear with the fact that they can’t spend time with a real person, or some may losing their job by the lockdown. They scared about having no income and can’t afford to pay the rent for the upcoming month.

這個系列靈感來自於因新冠肺疫情影響的居家隔離生活,紐約人因為疫情嚴峻持續沒有緩解,因此開始了WFH(Work From Home) 的新生活方式。





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