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1.14.2020 - 1.19.2020, Chinatown Soup NY

Yian Lee solo exhibition, NY


 This exhibition showcases a dedicated series of fashion photographs produced by Yian Lee. Yian conceptualized the theme, composed each frame, and directed the camera tech, makeup and hair, and models to render each image presented. Her series studies the interaction between the human body and daily objects that are not readily identifiable with “fashion.”

Yian sources materials from her immediate surroundings and social networks to keep her production budget to a minimum. By exploring the possibilities of how an ordinary object can be transformed through styling and framing, Yian comments on the autonomy of fashion from luxury and expense.

Employing a minimalist palette derivative of Mondrian’s color blocking, Yian achieves a formal purity in her imagery without having to make major adjustments in post-production. Tweaks involve light color adjustment to make every frame consistent and cropping to fit the artist’s grid.

Creative director:Yian Lee/Art director:Maya Sasson/Photographer:Anne Z. Chen/Makeup: Xiaofeng Zhu/ Hair: Andrew Chen

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